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Argive Press is currently closed to submissions until 2020—our 2019 lineup is already finalized. Please do not contact us until we are open for submissions.

We publish only comic novels. Submit as follows:

  • A submission consists of:
    • The standard one-page cover letter.
    • The first ten pages of your manuscript (minus any front matter), in standard manuscript format.
    • A two- or three-page synopsis (single-spaced is fine).
  • Submit materials via an email to All materials must be PDF attachments to the email. Submission materials will not be returned.
  • We will respond within one month, regardless of whether or not we wish to see the entire manuscript. Please do not contact us before then.
  • Simultaneous submissions are fine. Please inform us if your manuscript has been accepted elsewhere and you wish us to cease consideration of it.
  • If we want to see your entire manuscript, it too should be in PDF form.
  • If we agree to publish your work, you must submit it to us as a Microsoft Word manuscript in standard manuscript format; or as InDesign or QuarkXpress files.

Argive Press performs the following functions for the writer:

  • Editing the manuscript (however, we require all manuscripts to be of the highest publication quality when submitted)
  • Formatting the manuscript into a form suitable for the printer
  • Obtaining an ISBN, Library of Congress Control Number, and formal copyright
  • Interfacing with the printer
  • Use of the Argive Press web site as a sales platform
  • Shipping to the customer
  • Providing one free copy to the author

The author is responsible for all publicity and marketing activities. You must be prepared to sell your own book.

The author is encouraged to suggest or supply a cover design.


Argive Press’s goal is to cover costs to the extent possible, not to get rich. Upon acceptance of your book, Argive Press will:

  • Pay you $1000.
  • Provide you with a detailed specification of costs to Argive Press. Argive Press will inform you of each and every sale. No royalties will be paid until costs are recovered. After costs are recovered, you receive royalties equal to 75% of the retail sale price of each book.
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