(Atenkamenwati is narrating his history to the rest of his ship’s crew)

In my sixteenth year I marched into Nubia and Kush. I fulfilled well my obligations and through the will of the Aten rose among the soldiery. At seventeen was I appointed leader-of-fifty. There I came under the eyes of Amun-Mose the-light-of-Egypt, who was Under-King of Kush and Wawat. My deeds and my name were to his pleasure, and I was appointed his aid. Deep hidden within us both dwelt the light of the Aten, and over long stifling nights of Africa in the course of time we broached our secrets each to the other. Amun-Mose the-light-of-Egypt revealed to me the Aten as had not even my own mother and my own father. And the light of the Aten within me that had heretofore been a hidden candle blazed into a torch, revealing anew all the world about me and the path I must take, as a torch in the night reveals the path of the wayfarer.