(In a flashback, Homeros recalls a time when 16-year-old Alekto enticed the drunken Village Leader.)

Homeros found Alekto behind the Sanctum of Dionysus.  She was holding up the skirt of her peplos for the Village Leader’s viewing pleasure.

As Homeros strode toward them, he scanned their faces.  Alekto had the taunting smile of a sixteen-year-old daring a man who was older, richer, and better looking to call her bluff.  The Village Leader had been saluting Dionysus all evening.  With heavy eyelids and diminished judgment, he was struggling against the urge to make a big, big mistake.

Homeros landed a right hook to his cheekbone, and the Leader went sprawling.

Alekto shrieked, but there was no fear in her voice.

The rhapsode aimed his pointing finger down at the Leader.  “You stay away from my girls!”

Homeros grabbed his daughter by the wrist and dragged her away.  When they rounded the corner of the Sanctum, he yanked her toward him and slapped her across the mouth.

“Are you mad?  Do you want to end up unweddable?  Or stoned to death?”